A comprehensive platform for centralized school management

Read on if you want to automate and transfer to digital files all your school records, facilitate difficult work for teachers, get in touch with parents, spending minimum time on communication and phone calls, and give students access to all study materials, tests and self-monitoring homework.

3 years of successful work

on the basis of a private and state schools

3000+ teachers
11000+ pupils
12000+ parents

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Since our platform covers all areas of the modern school, its scope is extremely large and it is difficult to list all the functions, so the following are the main ones.

The administrative part

- List of teachers, parents, students
- Replaceable timetable
- School rooms, study periods and years
- Classes, subjects, clubs
- Stating a payment template and tracking the payments by parents.


- Between parents and teachers
- Between the administration and parents
- School news to all classes, or featured, with the option of receiving feedback
- Polls
- Calendar of events

Study materials

- Systematization, classification
- Ability to provide materials both for parents and children
- Tasks for self-studying of different difficulty levels
- Ability to create tests and provide their students with automatically evaluated results

Food and Catering

- Easy menu entry for the week
- Ability to copy menu from previous weeks
- Parents or children can choose from several suggested options
- Ability to view choices by class or by children

Reporting and Analytics

- Adding reports of different types, the school can adjust the reports to their needs: who creates the report and who is allowed to see it
- An electronic class register
- Attendance statistics by days and classes
- Incentive scheme points
- Certificate and report card

Potential customers monitoring

- A system for submitting information about people interested in school
- Adjusting areas and statuses to the needs of the school
- Ability to set a call reminder
- Ability to bulk emailing


The platform consists of two parts: a web part for administration and teachers and a mobile part for teachers, parents and children.

According to your wishes, you can choose the features you would like to use.


Flexible schedule

  • The ability to add classes on a non-fixed timetable basis
  • Checking the timetable scheduling
  • The ability to create lessons not only for classes, but also for mixed groups of students
  • The ability to change lessons when replacing or temporarily changing the timetable
  • Suitable for alternative schools
  • Suitable for public schools


  • Adjusting the study periods; the types of evaluations that will be logged; incentive systems for students; their fields to the certificate of achievement, etc - it makes the program very adaptive
  • The school itself determines the user groups and the rights they are granted. In this way, school employees may have the rights that are stated by the separation of functional responsibilities, rather than a predefined configuration
  • It is possible to assign mixed roles e.g. employee/parent or administrator/teacher
  • Branded app opportunity (personal application with school name, logo, colours and fonts on Google Play and App Store)

Automation of daily processes

  • Support for multiple children in one parents’ account
  • An opportunity for parents to choose a set of subjects or clubs, if there are optional ones
  • The ability to choose a menu for the child, if there are several options

Data security

  • Users create their system passwords independently; neither the school administration nor the technical support of the program knows them
  • Only the users themselves have access to their personal data
  • Teachers can only edit information on their subjects


What our clients say about us.

The main purpose of the 3D School application is to facilitate quick interaction with parents. The application contains convenient navigation on topics related to the educational institution. It includes news, events, schedules, meals, class registers, attendance and more. The teacher informs parents during the lesson, or after it, about the topic of the lesson, the purpose, and what the students did during the lesson, adds photos of activities that are going on. The teacher also evaluates students’ performance at the end of the lesson and adds a comment. Parents have the opportunity to get information about everything that is going on at school almost in real-time and, according to the teacher’s messages, to determine the next steps for cooperation. 3D School is compatible with Android and iOS. I recommend it both for teachers to use their time effectively and for parents - to be involved in their child's school life.

Marharyta Kaliuzhna, the Principal of School Friendly to Child (School 3D)

This program quickly became one of the numerous benefits of our school. Both teachers and parents have adopted it, thus they communicate productively and monitor the daily progress and nutrition of children.

Olesia Nikolayevych, co-founder of School Friendly to Child (School 3D)

The school application greatly simplifies the teachers’ work. You can use it from any gadget, add some information about the lesson with text and photos, mark students, evaluate their work at the lesson and write a small feedback for an individual child, if needed. In the app, you can post news, communicate with parents in private messages. As for me, it is very important, as notifications in groups in Viber or Facebook hinder during non-working hours and, in fact, interfere with the personal life of the teacher. With the help of a school program, class mentors can monitor students’ achievements in various subjects, give feedback to parents on time, and work individually with each child. You don't have to flip through piles of pages in a paper class register. Mentors are also notified of the student's birthday and can arrange a greeting in time.

Solomiya Zalizniak, mentor, a teacher of nature and biology

Firstly, the ease of use: completing all the data you need to have a lesson via your computer or smartphone makes it much easier to work with more comprehensive and structured information. Secondly, you can add details to the lesson at any time. As we know, sometimes ideas happen in the moment, so it's important to be able to write them down. Thirdly, the photos provide a great opportunity to see and memorize the atmosphere of the lesson. All our students have great computer skills, so they can remember and repeat anything that happened in a lesson a month or two ago at any time, from any device. And, last but not least, it is a great “plus” that you can write down tips and suggestions, achievements of each student after the lesson. Leaving a comment for parents about the progress of their children is essential, because focusing on achievements leads to success.

Liliya Hrinberh, a first grade teacher

The program allows you to stay up-to-date with school events, monitor your child's diet, progress and success, and communicate with teachers and other school staff. It also helps to train the decision-making skills of the child. My daughter, Yeva, chooses a menu for the week herself and it’s quite conveniently implemented in the program. It’s useful for me to view messages for both parents, regardless of who wrote them, which allows one parent (in this case, me J) not to stay out of context.

Andrii Hryniak, the father of the student

Using the application for a year, our first-grade daughter and we got used to it much. From the very first weeks she began to choose her own school menu, make her first school decisions and analyze if her choice was right. The application is very simple and informative to use, always at hand with an up-to-date schedule of clubs and lessons per day/week/year. It’s great that you can quickly inquire the information in different disciplines by writing to the appropriate teacher. In general, there are many different useful features that are constantly updating and greatly simplify the understanding of the learning dynamics and school processes. Thank you!

Zoriana Proskura, the mother of a student

Subscription plans

Besides the basic plans, you can additionally choose packages with leads, payments, IP telephony, educational materials and tests. A unique opportunity is a creation of a branded mobile application.


  • Basic administration
  • Communication with parents
  • News
  • Food ordering
  • Class timetable
  • Convenient work with subgroups
  • Teacher workload
  • Replacements
  • An electronic class register
  • Class register printing
  • Pupil timesheets
  • Visits
  • Encouragement points system
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  • Basic +
  • School calendar
  • Poll
  • Chats
  • Clubs
  • Transfers
  • Reports
  • Pupil and teacher statistics
  • Student’s personal information file
  • Uploading answers to homework
  • Photo and video reports
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  • Standard +
  • "Call a pupil"
  • Tasks management
  • Persons custom data
  • Timetable generation
  • Work with clients
  • Work with documents
  • Multiple locations
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